Guideway Xplan Services

As the advisory climate gets more competitive, forward-thinking practices are embracing software efficiencies to improve profitability and enhance client services. Guideway has experience in delivering software solutions that utilise the best in breed, current advisory software applications in the marketplace. Our specialist software engineers have software capabilities that particularly focus on Xplan, Coin and Midwinter amongst others.

Every advisory practice has different needs and opportunities that can be delivered from software solutions. Using a software platform that is not able to deliver the best outcome for our partners’ practice simply results in adviser frustration, significant manual activity, low usage rates, as well as potential compliance issues. If complementary, a software platform will be one of the practice’s biggest assets. Smart software solutions will attract and retain advisers, improve client experiences, systemically enshrine sound compliance activity all while providing cost efficiencies.

Just like the advice provision itself, there are different software products on the market and consumers with different needs. Some packages may have complexity and capability that is well beyond any business requirements and can add significant licencing and training costs to your business. We generally begin the matching process by working with our partners to determine business objectives and requirements, and then compare this to functionality and the customisation requirement of each platform. Once this exercise is complete, our partners have an excellent understanding of the need, platform and the customisation requirement involved prior to execution.