Maritime Super – Overview

Maritime Super is an industry fund established in 1967 for those working in the maritime industry. With over 10 product divisions, Maritime Super has a large array of schemes covering accumulation retained, and pension modes.

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Fund Profile: Maritime Super

How Guideway can help Maritime Super members

With such a large array products including some with defined benefit components, finding a financial planner with a detailed understanding of the full suite of Maritime Super’s offering can be a challenge. Guideway licensed advisers are one such group with an intimate understanding of all the Maritime Super products including nuances unique to each one.

Advice directly through Maritime Super

Maritime Super members can also access financial advice directly through their fund. Licensed under Guideway, Maritime Super Financial Planners provide you with the same level of advice and expertise covering all of the issues on the right.

Guideway can provide advice on the following Maritime Super products:

Retirement Income streams Superannuation Insurance within superannuation
– Allocated Pension
– Working Income Support Pension
– Maritime Super Division (all products)
– Stevedores Division (all products)
– Seafarers Division (all products)
– All insurance options

Common areas we provide advice to Maritime Super clients include:

  • Defined benefit optimisation
  • Transition to retirement
  • Retirement Income stream account establishment and structure
  • Contribution strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Investment Choice
  • Superannuation re-contribution
  • Estate Planning
  • Age Pension
  • Aged Care